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10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY Divelia Babbey Congratulations DI on starting with EXIT on 10/12/2005! We appreciate your LOYALTY! 200002598 Patty Olson Congratulations Patty on coming on board in 4/9/2003!! We appreciate you and your loyalty! 200002459 Sandee Wimbley Congratulations Sandee on starting with EXIT on 11/12/2003! We appreciate your LOYALTY! 200002460 Mark St. Paul Congratulations Mark on coming on board with EXIT in 3/2/2005!! We appreciate you and your loyalty! 200002461 Karin Davidson Congratulations Karin on starting with EXIT on 9/9/2005! We appreciate your LOYALTY! 200002462 Joseph Arnone 11/18/2005 marks OUR REGIONAL OWNER FOR HIS 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY WITH EXIT! Not only is he an amazing realtor but he is a phenomenal role model to each and every brokerage in the New Mexico and TX-El Paso area. We are excited to see what new and great things you will bring in the next 10 years! 200321742